We know what it takes to turn an idea into a successful business. We did this for 30 years. Now we want to partner with you to build your own ideal. Lets get started.

Our Goals

Our goal is to assemble a large pool of LPs that have same goal as we do, so that we can jointly create Africa’s next unicorns.

Let's build that unicorn together

With the right idea, a passionate and dedicated founders and a supportive Venture Capital Fund, the sky, they say is the limit.

Our story

We are a new Fund but backed by experienced GPs with combined 55 years of experiences in Financial Institutions, building Pan-African wide conglomerates, and managing multi-million Dollar complex projects. 

Mission and Vision statement

Group 647


To create an Ecosystem of people who are collectively adding their services to enable the growth of entrepreneurship in Africa.

Group 647


To aid in the advancement of an African continent where young people are not limited by infrastructure in executing their dreams of a better society.

Core Values

Group 647

Professionalism based on integrity

Professionalism and Integrity is the bedrock of our operations. We subscribe to the “Mensarius Oath”, a professional code of conduct for finance professionals to create an ethical, prosperous and healthy world.

Group 647

Relationship based on trust

At the core of our engagement is to build trust in our relationship with our stakeholders

Group 647

Wealth creation based on hardwork

Our objective is to build mutually beneficial relationships with our investors, portfolio companies and team, so that value and wealth is created for all parties.

Group 647

Transformation and development

We believe Africa has the potential to create value for its people and the rest of the world, hence our focus at early stage startups, helping to shape the entrepreneurship journey of our young founders.


Who we are

Our team enables portfolio CEO on effective market penetration strategy, a safe space for interaction among other innovators and leveraging our vast internal and external network.





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