Guy Ellis

Guy Ellis

Guy is a certified Financial Officer (SA), and an Impact & Sustainability (ESG) Expert. A graduate
of Harvard, Columbia, and Tel-Aviv Universities, with an MBA in Northwestern, Kellogg.  A seasoned investor with a track record of launching and scaling diverse businesses in emerging and rapidly growing markets. His investment-focused journey has been an exciting challenge for him in a swiftly evolving environment.
He began his career at Ernst and Young in financial services audit before shifting to FirstRand, South Africa’s largest bank in Group Treasury, which were both great learning experiences.

He has been fortunate to achieve the following career impacts, among others:
• Led large-scale, complex M&A deals, as well as advised and consulted on numerous sizeable transactions and businesses around the world through various C-suite and board roles.
• Consistently identified a wide scope of successful investments globally.
• Developed and executed novel strategies that drove improved business results in challenging markets, while generating over 2x growth for several years.
• Restructured and relaunched the leading sourcing and supply chain company to serve the fashion industry in Africa, with an 80%+ female led team, distributing millions of units annually.

• Founded three business-backed non-profit initiatives in Africa.
Guy is a leader and mentor who values transparency and sharing to learn from each other. He encourages a culture where everyone feels appreciated and inspired to contribute and thrives on seeing others succeed.
Guy’s professional path has been defined by his mentors, especially in his various global c-suite, chairman and board roles, and continue to turn to mentors and colleagues for their advice as necessary.
His passion is to shift investee companies’ attention and pride towards more Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) awareness, and a sustainable future, and he is fixated on creating value for present and future generations by investing in companies that do business in the right way to benefit people, the planet and societal progress.

Guy has over 11 global Board seat experiences.

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